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Shuteye: Six Tales of Dreams and Dreamers


Sarah’s second graphic novel, a series of six darkly intimate comics with mysterious plot twists.

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An explorer deserts his company and finds himself adopted by a mysterious tribe. A drifter, spinning lies for a bartender, is astonished when his lies start coming true. A student and her estranged father tenuously reconnect after they swap dreams one night.

Sarah’s second graphic novel is a series of six darkly intimate comics: twisted stories woven together with the thick fibers of dreams, powerfully real, yet entirely imagined. Shuteye is the Kickstarter-funded graphic novel that collects all six issues of Sarah’s Shuteye minicomics series, with additional material to tie them all together. 300 pages, in rich burgundy inks on natural papers.

Praise for Shuteye:

“Each eerie story seems to wake up from the last, giving readers a glimpse of the fuzziness experienced right after a deep sleep filled with vivid dreams.”
-LA Times Hero Complex

“Becan withholds Shuteye’s secrets so as not to deny you the pleasure of spending long, rewarding hours solving them for yourself.”

“Sarah Becan’s ‘Shuteye’ is straight up fantastic. Individually, the six stories are beautiful and eerie, but read together in the new softcover collection the full impact of what she’s created hits you.”
-Chicago Comics