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The Adventures of Fat Rice

The Adventures of Fat Rice

Recipe comics, infographics and illustrations for The Adventures of Fat Rice (Ten Speed Press, October 2016).


“Both a literal and visual feast, complete with comic strips, outrageous illustrations, and arresting photography, it documents the specific history and culinary landscape of Macau, the melting pot of Asia, where Chinese, Portuguese, Malaysian, and Indian food all come together in singular style.”
Seattle Weekly


“Sarah is a bad ass; she’s a superstar,” Plikaitis says. “It was so much fun to work with her. Certain illustrators are very protective and don’t want to collaborate, but she was totally open to it. It was awesome that I could send her things, and be like, ‘Hey, how about this?’ It was really nice to work with someone so intimate with the brand and tag-team.”
Plate Online


“Much has been made by the book’s comic book-like illustrations, here supplied by Sarah Becan who also drew the art for Fat Rice’s sauce labels. Drawings of how to properly construct pot stickers and croquettes or how to wash rice are intermingled with recipes.”
Eater Chicago