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Marz “Fortune & Fame” Label

Illustration for a beer can label for a collaboration between Fat Rice and Marz Community Brewing, 2019. Check out my collaborator page on Marz’s site!


“We are celebrating the Lunar New Year by collaborating with our friends at Fat Rice¬†with the release of Fortune and Fame to help ring in the Year of the Pig.

For your Fortune we used some hawthorn berries, renowned for promoting cardiovascular health, and red kogi rice, an antioxidant. And for Fame we chose an effervescent, wild ale with both minimal funk and acidity as the base. The result is a hay-colored wild ale that drinks like a Farmhouse shandy with spears of lemongrass and berry floating inside. If this beer is any indication, The Year of the Pig is going to be a good year.”

-Marz Community Brewing